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SMART, GREEN and made in italy

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Multi disciplinary consultant company with 20 years in the civil engineering industry world wide offer a range of services that support clients and companies -We Provide Solutions


Experience the pinnacle of hydraulics engineering excellence with our comprehensive approach. We employ advanced hydraulic analysis, innovative design methodologies, and deep industry knowledge to engineer efficient and sustainable solutions. From hydraulic system design to fluid flow optimization, our expertise ensures reliable performance and seamless project execution.

Hydraulic infrastructures, industrial plants, flooding, hydrogeological instability, water treatment plants,

Some of our main professional services:

      • design and project management;
      • site management and construction supervision;
      • consultancy and permitting;
      • health and safety (coordination planning and management);
      • and technical-economic evaluations;
      • assistance for design and tenders;
      • efficiency improvement of water networks (leak detection).


Our environmental engineering consultancy services address complex environmental challenges. Our team of experts deliver tailored solutions, leveraging sustainable practices, regulatory compliance and innovative technologies to protect ecosystems, improve resource efficiency and promote a greener future. Achieve environmental excellence with our team of professionals.

Some of our main professional services:

      • contaminated sites characterization plans;
      • Environmental remediation;
      • Environmental permitting;
      • Design and tenders.


The meticulous integration of form, function, and materials in the structural design creates a harmonious and resilient framework, ingeniously engineered to withstand forces, optimize space utilization, and inspire awe, ensuring both safety and aesthetic excellence.

We design, renovate and convert residential, commercial, industrial and special structures according to these criteria

Some of our main professional services:

      • design and project management;
      • consultancy and permitting;
      • health and safety;
      • Site management and construction supervision;
      • technical-economic evaluations;
      • assistance for design and tenders.


Elevate your company’s success with our integrated management and technical expertise. Our comprehensive approach combines industry-leading project management strategies with technical excellence, enabling efficient operations, streamlined processes, and sustainable growth. Trust us to optimize your company’s performance and achieve exceptional results

Special professional support for companies and customers operating in Italy on behalf of English clients and vice versa.

Some of our main services:

      • Company’s Technical management;
      • feasibility studies;
      • scenarios evaluation;
      • risk assesments;
      • business plan;
      • CELMAE, certificate of execution of works carried out abroad by Italian companies, – ITALY’s Presidential Decree October 5, 2010, n.207. All the services in required to get SOA certification for the works carried out abroad for the applicant company.

BIM – Building Information Modelling

BIM design takes projects to new heights. Our comprehensive BIM design services leverage advanced technology and experience to deliver smart, efficient and sustainable solutions. They seamlessly integrate data, visualize concepts, and optimize construction processes and costs for unmatched results.

Some of our main professional services:

      • BIM Design (architectural, structural, geotechnical, plants and utilities).;
      • Surveys (also performed by drones) returned on a BIM model.

SMART Technologies

Embrace the future of civil engineering with our expert management of smart technologies. Our strategic approach combines cutting-edge IoT integration, data analytics, and automation to optimize project performance and enhance infrastructure resilience. Unlock the full potential of smart technologies and revolutionize your civil engineering projects with our comprehensive management solution.

Some of our main professional services:

      • Tailored solutions taking into account the needs of the customer and the needs of the interested parties.

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